Internet Connectivity - Without the Use of Mobile Routers

Mobile Virtual Operators: Reduce Costs & Improve Your Customer Value Proposition

VANCULAR (PTY) LTD, a wholly owned and managed BBBEE enterprise that specialises in providing innovative and sought after software solutions (Apps) like the Nufi system made available to Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO's) as well as the business industry, and related consumers.

The NuFi system comprises state-of-the-art interface and APP that enables Internet connectivity without the need for mobile routers. Due to market share growth and need for a competitive advantage, the MVNO market players have been identified as the ideal clients for this innovation.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators will be enabled to reduce production and distribution costs, as well as the maintenance and the sale of mobile routers. The dual objective of MVNO's is increasing market share and ROI whilst simultaneously improving their Customer Value Proposition (CVP) and competitive advantage.

Business Model & Strategies

VANCULAR deemed it of strategic benefit to provide the NuFi system solution to the MVNO's, this, in order to reduce the transportation, admin, production, levy and storage costs related to them providing mobile routers. To effectively accomplish this, the company decided to license the NuFi system solution and primarily focus on optimising its functionalities to the benefit of its prospective clients. Given that VANCULAR is a licensed supplier within the business-to-business sector, our marketing obligations are two-fold.

  • Firstly, we will promote the Company, as VANCULAR, to prospective clients (currently MVNO's).
  • Secondly, as licensors, here we are obligated to market the VANCULAR system(s) towards benefitting the end-user. However, licensing affords licensees the ability and rights to advertise the NuFi System Solution through their diverse marketing platforms.

Market Impact

MVNO operators currently hold 5% of the market. Their product and service offerings are sourced from the four main telecommunication companies in South Africa, with Cell C being the parent provider.

The MVNO operators where offered a 5% share of the market, on condition that they host their services with Cell C. Although it expands the telecommunications market, the MVNO operators are limited in terms of their market offerings and pricing, because they host directly from their 'competitors'.

VANCULAR identified an opportunity when MVNO's entered the market by offering lower prices to customers with technology that is mainly dominated by their competitors - as an example, offering SIM card and Mobile routers.

Creating a disadvantage for potential MVNO subscribers, with regard to their interaction with the current technology and having to switch network providers.

Therefore VANCULAR's market offering, the NuFi system solution offers and will also be a direct competitor to Huawei's ADSL/Router solutions and mobile router companies.

About Us

VANCULAR (PTY) LTD presently operates from premises in Mafikeng, North West Province and Braamfontein Johannesburg, South Africa. VANCULAR is operated by Naleli Shale and Co-founder Thabang Sebego whose mission is to enhance consumer experience with regard to WIFI connectivity and availability in South Africa, into Africa and Internationally. It is for this reason that VANCULAR developed the NuFi system solution.

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